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  • Killer Kart

    Killer Kart


    solid acting, lack of cgi, and the fact that everyone plays it straight really help this a lot.

  • Troma's War

    Troma's War


    my trans girl vibes:

    there's enough cute ladies with machine guns and improvised rambo-style headbands in this that, when presented in such a simultaneously scuzzy, airy, carefree, silly, macho way, "troma's war" came out of nowhere and delivered the twinge at a time when I never seemed to experience it much anymore. (somehow, some of the music egged this on, too, but i'm not really sure how or why to this day...?) carolyn beauchamp deserves a place in my trans…

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  • Night of the Comet

    Night of the Comet


    my trans girl vibes:

    twinge city, kiddo. one long spasmodic trans twinge from beginning to end. all the elements are here. terrible '80s valley girl-isms complete with a soundtrack so embarrassing that i still feel guilty liking this movie. (cyndi lauper's classic "girls just wanna have fun" blasts out loud over a post-apocalyptic mall montage, but much of the music here is still really bad on an '80s kitsch level.) we get catherine mary stewart playing arcade games, riding a…

  • Unhinged



    my trans girl vibes:

    fun fact: "unhinged" and the "sleepaway camp" movies are messed-up slasher movies with some rather un-pc trans angles. second fun fact: i am a trans woman. third fun fact: i watch these movies for the girl vibes i get from the cis chicks rather than the trans characters. i love the three friends who get stranded. one of them has the perfect "sassy '80s teen girl rebel" thing going on, they tell dirty jokes amongst themselves…