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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    ...This ain’t no Mud club, or CBGB, I ain’t got time for that now...

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  • The Invasion

    The Invasion


    I appreciate the ambition this often forgotten Invasion of Body Snatchers remake has, and it somewhat works even if it feels too clunky in its execution. The reshoots in its troubled production obviously take out much of the many side characters that just kind of turn up and then immediately leave a scene later, and while the focus on Nicole Kidman works because she absolutely kills it at always and often feels too good for something like this that does…

  • Queen of the Desert

    Queen of the Desert


    Werner Herzog has always been essentially a tour guide stuck in the body of a filmmaker, but on this day it's an off day and his guided tour is him just mumbling around unenthusiastically, and the tourists are getting bored. All the pieces are there and it's not in any way a bad film, but never rises above the formulaic biopic trappings, especially considering the gravitas that Herzog usually brings to his historical films.

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  • The Others

    The Others


    A proper old school fogged-out creaky old manor Gothic horror haunting that is steeped in it's conventions all the while subverting them at the same time. As beautiful as it is sad. Nicole Kidman has such intense eyes, she was born for this kind of ultra protective but maybe kinda insane mothership role.

  • The Possessed

    The Possessed


    Dream-like proto-Giallo in a almost lovecraftian seasside town filled with secrets and townsfolk who may or may not be in on the mystery, with a constant ambient wind for a great brooding atmsosphere. Looks fantastic in monochrome goodness, filled with snowy gravesites, black umbrella filled funerals and shadowed faces against sunset beaches.