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  • Sherpa



    The subject matter alone is mesmerizing and alien to most of us. A tough rope to walk for all. Fantastic insight into the Sherpa mindset. 
    But you can’t help but think, someone was in the right place at the right time. Scrambling to get imagery, while chaos ensued. Good on them, of course, to create anything at all. But you need more than luck to make a good film.

  • Strange Colours

    Strange Colours


    Very slow, deliberate, mindful film. Really enjoyed the build up. Their slowness of life.  You can feel something is going to happen, or be discussed.
    But then nothing at all happens. Nothing. The film is about nothing - i was so hoping it was going to be about her changing heart, him recognizing the beauty of family, her understanding the past, him hoping for a future. I was hoping for all of that but not even one of them happened.

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  • Battle of the Sexes

    Battle of the Sexes

    A waste of a film. Terrible.
    Instead of focusing on the massive impact BJK had on women's tennis, equal rights and feminism the filmmakers chose to fabricate some lesbian love story that had nothing to do with the actual event. Taking the focus to emotions when anyone who knows history knows that BJK does not do feels! She is brain and brawns and fought the good fight. How dare they belittle this with a cocktail waitress storyline. 
    Really deserves no star but Steve Carell did a fabulous job.

  • The Light Between Oceans

    The Light Between Oceans


    So much emotion in Michael Fassbinder's face.