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  • The Girl on the Bridge

    The Girl on the Bridge


    الفيلم ده ليا

  • The Student

    The Student

    We need to talk about venia instead of kevin
    Ahahhh, anyway the Religious obsession is destructive not for only the person but to all around him, sometimes the one defined the god by his imagination to satisfy himself and justify his actions as that all things god wants, when someone one does something Contradictory by measures of his god he don't deserve the life and will punish from the god, no one right except him. He put himself in this…

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  • The Return

    The Return


    الفجوة الأسرية لن تمتلئ بمجرد الوجود فقط بل يكون قادر على خلق نفسيات مشوهة بكل اريحية، مابقدرش اتخطى فكرة العلاقة المحطِمة والمحبِطة اللي بتبقى بهدف ان الشخص اللي بيتلقى الإحباط يحوله لشيء ايجابي عشان يتحرك ناحية هدف معين ومايفضلش واقف في نفس المكان

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    - I can't see what you see and you can't see what you see
    - How can i know what you see?
    = that's why we need a camera.

    I need yang yang in my life to discuss about existential crisis.
    This movie as mozart symphonies and i can't stop listening .