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  • Parasite



    I guess stones don't bring good fortune, after all.

    Parasite by Bong Joon-ho is what cinema is all about. The film calls for a return to what is seen as more Classical values, such as directness of presentation and economy of language, and a willingness to experiment with non-traditional verse forms in cinema. Lyric poetry cames out of the mouth of these characters when they talk to each other. The gap in the socioeconomic status of South Korea is the…

  • Capernaum



    I sincerely believe that Nadine meet a muse in some unknown dimension and she taught her all about the notion of realism and naturality. There is no other explanation about what I just saw, it's another level of professionalism. I couldn't find this with English subtitles but then later one I didn't need them because I was understanding literally every single word and I don't even speak Arabic. I don't know if Zain Al Rafeea will continue his acting career…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    *closes his laptop,jumps from the bed,goes to chase dreams while still in his Sesame Street pajamas*

  • Suspiria



    It's a dark world here in Suspiria, set in the chaotic West Berlin of 1977, on a city split in two, struggling to reestablish itself from post-Nazism. A young girl called Susie comes in town. She always had a dream of studying at Markos Dance Academy since she was a child growing up in a religiously conservative family on a Ohio farm. And soon as she arrives at the door you can hear the explosion of a dream come true…