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  • Karai norte

    Karai norte


    Based on a classic tale of Paraguayan literature, Karai Norte dialogues with many themes subtly. In the historical sense, it brings the context of the country's civil war, it also evokes a debate about the force of a woman who is theoretically fragile and defenseless, but who nonetheless is the great narrative power of the work. Visually beautiful, we have all a work with the aesthetics of the film, where the camera speaks through the emptiness and serene look of…

  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    So beautiful, so soft, so intense... <3

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  • Rope



    Rope is a very well-constructed chronicle of life and death, but more than this is about the way of we have relations and behaviors.

    With a beautiful photography, good and dynamic dialogues, Hitchcock constructed a narrative full of things between the lines and discussions about the life and feelings.

  • Bikini Moon

    Bikini Moon


    Bikini Moon is a super metalinguistic movie, It is a fiction about a filmmaking of a documentary. If we fall in the question of reality and truth in the documentary, the way that we see the things, a doc is a genre between fiction and non-fiction. But I think that the more productive debate can be about the performance of the protagonist.

    Condola Rashad really impresses with your faces, feelings and how she transgress by the character of a woman…