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  • The Employment

    The Employment


    El Empleo is an animation that can evoke many feelings, since complex issues like power and work relations or even the macabre and somber tone of the work. I see the short film with a great power to attract the attention of the spectators, its technique of animation is well performed, as well as the script, which may seem simple, but it is a film with great potential for discussions and dialogues with the public, that shows why was screened…

  • Fauve



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Fauve, nominated for best short at the Oscars and also screened at major film festivals like Regard in Canada, is a short film that explores the minimalist construction of the narrative conflicts and also the direction of the actors, who are only two children, but with strong dramatic power. Through the scenario and also of multiple conflicts, several reflections are discussed in the film, from vegetarianism to power and human relations. What begins with a joke between friends ends in…

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  • Rope



    Rope is a very well-constructed chronicle of life and death, but more than this is about the way of we have relations and behaviors.

    With a beautiful photography, good and dynamic dialogues, Hitchcock constructed a narrative full of things between the lines and discussions about the life and feelings.

  • Bikini Moon

    Bikini Moon


    Bikini Moon is a super metalinguistic movie, It is a fiction about a filmmaking of a documentary. If we fall in the question of reality and truth in the documentary, the way that we see the things, a doc is a genre between fiction and non-fiction. But I think that the more productive debate can be about the performance of the protagonist.

    Condola Rashad really impresses with your faces, feelings and how she transgress by the character of a woman…