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  • Possession



    An epic month of five stars continues! And I have two other pictures (Repo Man and Dial M for Murder) that are probably going to be fivers too. Really making good picks, though I suppose Hitchcock is inherently masterful.

    Possession is the next beast, and what a snarling thing it is. Its raw emotion reaches outwards, sucking you in like oil to pipe. Horrifically bleak, vile and depraved! Possession will do just that, you will be possessed. And funnily enough…

  • Midsommar



    Midsommar is the twisted sister of Hereditary, whereas that was clouded in dark mystery, Midsommar bares its wounds for all to see, it cannot be escaped.

    In Hereditary towards the end of the first act, a shocking revelation changes the narrative into a spiral of despair. For Midsommar, you're sinking before the title card. It sucks the life out of a gorgeous movie, the joy witnessed is a falsity until the final shot.

    It keeps you on edge with Florence…

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  • Veronica



    I see plenty of reviews of this movie, bashing its scariness. Funnily enough considering the type of movie it is, it's not awash with lame jump scares that are apparently the measurement for scares these days. Also the scariness of a horror film is not a valid criticism, the genre is not called a scary film. The role of the genre is to horrify in multiple different ways, and if it scares you well that's great because they can do…

  • Night of the Comet

    Night of the Comet


    Really really fun 80s cult classic! Featuring two strong ass ladies! and a big ol heap of human dust, and mutant cannibal freaks! Not that there's actually much of that in the film, but when they're on screen it's cool.
    Especially the police officer freaks in the dream, they were so cool! And I believe feature on the Arrow Video release of this!

    Strange that a lot of cult classics are directed by someone, who either has made barely any…