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  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III


    Many steps up from Exorcist 2, I'll say that much. Some incredible scenes, but many very boring ones as well. Still, a solid movie with deep themes; maybe a bit too much like a novel with long dialogue/exposition scenes, seeing as the director/writer was a novelist before a filmmaker.

  • No One Would Tell

    No One Would Tell


    Shitty #MeToo Lifetime movie; horrendous performances by the leads- especially the evil boyfriend who literally talked like a cartoon villain- like a cheesy voice actor "and i would have gotten away with it too...".
    It's a remake of a 90s tv-movie which is loosely based on a real case- but the plot is simply "jealous boyfriend murders girlfriend" which is so general and happens enough that it's bizarre to pretend like it's based on one specific case almost 30 years…

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  • Triumph of the Will

    Triumph of the Will


    Pretty well made movie, but the main character is literally Hitler.

  • Inception



    Despite the opinions of one Lights Camera Jackass , who states that the film is way too "complicated" for him, anyone with a hint of actual intelligence must admit that Inception is, in fact, pretty fucking great.