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  • Split Image

    Split Image


    Early 80s b-series movie available on Amazon Prime Canada for free. Be advised it's not really a good movie, just a pretty cool dumbish unique weird thing. What makes it better than the sum of his parts is the acting.

    Casting is a big part of what makes a film special. Peter Fonda as a psycho cult leader and James Woods as a coked-up weird private investigator. What else can you ask for. Especially considering their real life personnas, as…

  • In a Lonely Place

    In a Lonely Place


    “I came here to say these things out loud and be laughed at. But you’re not laughing.”
    - Laurel

    Two genres in one movie: a film noir whodunnit combined with a great melodrama. That Criterion Channel is batting 1000. Nicolas Ray is mostly known for that overrated James Dean movie, but In A Lonely Place has been the on my radar for many years and I finally had the chance to see it on that new streaming service.

    Endlessly quotable,…

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  • Sonny



    Let me tell you why this movie got shit reviews; cause hating on Nicolas Cage is fashionable. This movie is obviously uneven; some acting is well, let's call it pretty fucking awful. The script is also borderline stupid. But there are also some wicked good parts. Like really good that makes you wish it was always like this.

    I remembered about Sonny when Tommy Wiseau started talking about it a lot in the Disaster Artist promo interviews, saying it was…

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    Masterpiece. Every single shot would be the single best shot of any other film. You basically have a 90 minutes master class on framing and photography. 

    I thought it was fast paced and not boring, but I could understand someone calling it extremely boring. If you are straightly looking for a story, I think you will not like this very much. The story itself is quite basic and I am dodging a half star for the exagaration when it comes…