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  • Shin Godzilla

    Shin Godzilla


    The parts of the movie that actually show Godzilla are cool. The monster is very freakish and spectacular in design. The rampage scene in the middle of the movie is unforgettable.

    However, I think Anno went a little bit overboard with his focus on procedural machinations. I get that he's trying to make a point about bureaucracy and politicians in the face of crisis. The satirical elements are funny for the first 20 minutes or so, then it gets repetitive and tedious. There's more boring bureaucratic meetings in this movie than a day at the Department of Commerce.

  • It



    I'm getting a little tired of this current trend of '80s nostalgia throwback movies. There's nothing in this movie that is unique or original. It's basically a bunch of elements from classic '80s movies blended together to create some cheap, soulless nostalgia-bait.

    This movie isn't terrible or anything, it's just a boring retread of other movies.

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  • Xtro



    As Will Smith would say: "This definitely ranks about a 9.0 on my weird-shit-o-meter."

  • It's Pat

    It's Pat


    This movie is not going to appeal to most people. But if you have a taste for dark, absurdist, and mean-spirited comedy then you might just find it to be hilarious. This movie is like if Todd Solondz had made a screwball comedy. I laughed out-loud.