Halloween ★★

Halloween was finally allowed to be Halloween again, albeit interspersed between cringe attempts at humor and some completely tone-less slashings. Those fleeting moments of Michael Myers walking down a crowded street full of trick 'r treaters are few, but its what weve been wanting to see for decades.

I admire what DGG was trying to go for here, but too often I was wondering what someone with a better understanding of tension wouldve done with with Michael and Laurie. I'm thinking House of the Devil era Ti West wouldve been my dream pick for a new Halloween film. But we got what we got.

Watching the original is such a marvel of well paced, well earned moments of pure horror and dread. Nothing in this film feels as earned, or as emotionally effective as the shot of The Shape coming into view behind a weeping Laurie Strode in the 1979 film. Nothing. Not a single moment can hold a candle to even the 3rd best scene in John Carpenters classic.

My theater experience with Halloween gave me hope that most people still have fun with these characters like Jason and Michael but they come from a dinosaur era of horror where just going through the motions of those old films feels stale. Even when you add oddly placed humor, it doesnt do much to change the feeling that this type of film is very unoriginal. Scream 4 gave a good template for how to do a good modern slasher. I dont know why anyone has taken note yet....