The Favourite ★★★★

From the first breathtaking shot of Queen Anne's lavish gold trimmed ornate bedroom, Lanthimos creates an incessant fixation to the visual and lingual layers of his newest Barry Lyndon-esque dark comedy

Where Dogtooth was sometimes too cruel to watch, and The Lobster and Sacred Deer sometimes too awkward to bear, The Favourite is obsessively watchable. You might get more stimulation out of trying to decode the veneer of weirdness in Lanthimos' other work, but this is like eating comfort food.

Think a big ass bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup. If only the film hadn't decided to end about 2 or 3 scenes too early, this bowl of ice cream could've ascended to orgasmic levels.

Lanthimos outsourced the writing for this film and the result is something I wouldve thought to be an Oscar worthy screenplay (as well as set design) but I forgot how farcical those awards are. Actually, I havent forgot I'm just constantly shocked by their ineptitude.

Rachel Weisz is delectably cruel but efficient as a leader. She is more Queenly than the Queen herself who is a frail and tragic character. I haven't seen Emma Stone in anything in awhile but I'm reminded that she can be good in measured doses. Her turn as a deceptive vixen was a nice change of pace from her usual trashcan roles. Even Nicolas Hoult has a small but incredibly funny and memorable role.

Basically, I enjoyed almost everything about this film. It didn't leave me scratching my head and pondering like Lanthimos usually does but a feeling like I just ate a really good meal is a fine substitute.

P.S - hot take here: the fish eye lens shots were completely unnecessary.

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