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  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    Just like all of Kubrick's other masterpieces, every aspect of this film has been endlessly scrutinized in a manner better than I ever could. Thus, I will just say this: every Kubrick film I have seen so far -- regardless of my own subjective emotional or intellectual reaction to it -- has been essentially perfectly crafted in every aspect as to suit the story he desires to tell. It's honestly insane. Literally everything from the performances he commands from his…

  • Yesterday


    I don't really know what to rate this. The performances (apart from Kate McKinnon unfortunately) are actually pretty decent despite the slight campiness of the whole thing, but it's not particularly well directed and the direction of the plot and the motivations of characters are incredibly strange. It is fun at some points, and flat out boring at others, so I'm confused.

    I did read that the original concept was that in using The Beatles' music Jack would become like…

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  • The Killing

    The Killing


    I mean *of course* Kubrick's take on film-noir is a fucking classic, what else would it be? The Killing is super tightly-wound and efficient, and his forays into nonlinear storytelling and showing the same scene multiple times with different perspectives has clearly been insanely influential on later cinema from Tarantino to Nolan and others. Only amazing directors like Kubrick could have a film this good go so under the radar of the masses.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    Seeing this on 70mm is up there in prob the top 5 moments of my life, for real. The thoughts and feelings I have for and as a result of this film are much better as they are than if I tried to put them to words, so I won't. Otherwise, this for me is objectively the best film ever made, and Kubrick may have just been god upon earth.