42 ★★★

That was the most inspiring shower scene ever.

I like baseball, and I like movies, so it makes sense that I generally enjoy baseball movies. 42 sounded like a promising way to get my cinematic baseball fix. It had a great cast, a sizable budget, and was telling the story of Jackie Robinson. So what could go wrong? Brian Helgeland... Now Helgland can be really good (Mystic River, LA Confidential, or Man on Fire) and he can be really bad (The Postman, The Taking of Pelham 123, or Assassins), 42 falls somewhere in between with the likes of Robin Hood and A Knights Tale. The script really held the whole movie back with awkward dialog and a lack of any consistent pace. It was only saved in the second half of the film when the actors were able to show off their chops a bit more. Also I really didn't care for the film score, so generic and bland. I would have preferred Jay Z.