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  • The Howling

    The Howling


    Seen on 35 mm at Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis. Surprisingly well-acted and emotionally real, without losing its cheesy 80's edge.

  • The Red Pill

    The Red Pill


    girl what the actual fuck

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  • The Big Parade

    The Big Parade


    Oh I am so in awe of this beautiful movie!! I absolutely loved the central pair. Renee Adoree was doe-eyed and soulful, and John Gilbert totally made me swoon, even when he was wearing a little too much lipstick. Gilbert stars as Jim Apperson, who joins the Army on a whim just as the US has entered into World War I (of course, this is referred to as The Great War in the picture, since it came out in 1925,…

  • A Room with a View

    A Room with a View


    Me: Tell me! Who hurt you?

    Reynolds Woodcock: Lucyyyyyyy!