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  • Red Roses of Passion

    Red Roses of Passion


    Carla (Patricia McNaire) is tired of her prudish aunt and cousin cramping her style when she brings men home. A friend takes her to meet Martha (Helena Clayton), a fortune teller who runs an all-female cult that worships "the spirit of Pan" out of the back room of her storefront. Martha suggests a way for Carla to put Tracey (Laura London) and Julie (Bella Donna) in their place, and at first Carla is pleased with the results. Her aunt and…

  • Seeds



    In Theodore Roszak's novel Flicker, a small group of hardcore cinephiles and one poor date who happened to be along for the ride watch a newly-unearthed film by the mysterious director Max Castle. It is described as a black and white nightmare, not overtly horror-themed but oppressive, bleak, and disturbing. When discussing the film afterward, the young woman whose primary interests lie outside cinema flatly states that the film was "enough to put you off sex for life."

    Vinegar Syndrome's…

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  • Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood

    Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood


    Things are going just fine for happily engaged attorney/warlock Will Spanner (James Servais) and his fiancee Kelly (Wendy Blair), and they're planning to visit Kelly's sister Colleen (Miranda Odell) at the private Catholic college where she's studying theater. But Colleen's having trouble in her role as one of the three witches in Hamlet, and creepy director Arthur Ramsden (Don Scribner) encourages Colleen and her friend Maria (Lauren Ian Richards) to join third "witch" Keri (Kathleen St. Lawrence) in a ritual…

  • Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft

    Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft


    LAPD detective Lisa Lutz (Stephanie Beaton) is sent to London to escort notorious serial killer Hyde (Kerry Knowlton) back to the States to face justice. Before that can happen, Hyde is rescued from the mysterious Bureau 17 (kind of like an occult Men in Black?) by Raven (Eileen Daly) and her army of bisexual female vampires. Raven wants Hyde to help her in a Walpurgis ritual to bring her evil god to Earth, but when Hyde translates Raven's ancient book…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    After seeing a lot of people inexplicably claiming that this movie--in which a supernatural evil terrorizes a family isolated in an unforgiving wilderness--is "not a horror movie," I felt compelled to write a piece on horror gatekeeping:

  • Song of the Blind Girl

    Song of the Blind Girl

    A list of 20 things filmmaker Tom Charley ("ctom") does not appear to know, understand, or believe, based on the content of this film:

    1. Generally speaking, night is the part of the 24-hour cycle when it is dark outside.

    2. The human gestational period is 9 months.

    3. Waterboarding.

    4. Hospitals.

    5. Fall and Winter are the seasons when the weather is coldest.

    6. Props.

    7. Abortion.

    8. The difference between "thousands" and "millions."

    9. It is considered poor…