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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    Endgame Grade: HALL OF FAME
    Marvel Cinematic Universe Grade: MASTERPIECE

    This review is guaranteed to be completely SPOILER-FREE!

    Dear Marvel,

    You had a unique vision for a series of movies that would weave a massive tapestry of a story. The only way this vision would become a reality is if you had trust in viewers to be dedicated enough to watch every movie and smart enough not to get lost in the story.

    Your trust in us was well placed,…

  • Us



    Grade: GOOD 

    There is a lot to like in Jordan Peele’s latest horror/comedy (more emphasis on horror this time): Lupita Nyong’o’s range as an actress is limitless, the musical score is an instant classic, the premise is original, and the cinematography is dynamic. 

    So why not a higher rating? In my opinion, the pacing of the film didn’t allow for the continuous build up of tension that the script was trying to achieve. The comedy, while funny, simply made the…

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  • Crawl



    Grade: GOOD

    In an era populated with excessive sequels, prequels, live action remakes, shared universes, reimaginings, retoolings, etc., I was happy to see a standalone film about surving an alligator attack during a category five hurricane!

    Crawl has three main ingredients:

    Blood-thirst alligators.

    Wild hurricane weather.

    Complete suspension of belief and reality. 

    If you are down with those three items, then you are going to have a pretty good time watching this taut and unique thriller! There really is not any more to say. 

    P.S. You would think multiple alligator bites would be devastating to the human body...nope!

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    Grade: HALL OF FAME 

    After four average movies in a row, and tropical storm Barry bearing down on me, I needed a sure-fire good time before possibly losing electricity for a while. I knew there was only one person I could turn to: Jackie Chan!

    Police Story has a run-of-the-mill crime story, told competently enough, sprinkled with some very clever comedy. These two aspects alone make the movie worth watching; however, the breathtaking action and Chan’s charisma elevate this movie…

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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Grade: AVERAGE

    Four "Average" ratings in a row?! Did I pick four average movies in a row or have I just been in a bad mood recently? I promise I actually enjoy watching movies!

    Under the Silver Lake is the latest directorial effort by David Robert Mitchell, which in my opinion is a step down from It Follows. Mitchell's ambition and imagination is as large as in his previous effort, but the execution is sloppy and convoluted. Now, the story…

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Grade: AVERAGE 

    “This is for Tupac!”

    Child’s Play is a difficult movie to rate and review. 

    On one hand the movie offers a fresh take on Chucky. The literal upgrade the character received was amusing and provided a mild commentary of our overly connected world. I am indifferent to the original movie, so I was not offended by any changes. Additionally, Child’s Play was surprisingly funny! I would go as far as to say that the movie is funnier than…