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  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young


    So far (6 episodes) the best 9 hours movie in my entire life... and I'm not even finished yet. Fuckin wanna bang NWR and Cliff fuckin Martinez cunt for sure! lemme finish it first tho, 4 to go!

    AND the timing and amount of Miles's spits are perfect.

    That 5th episode really pops the cherry🍒! keeps getting better and better every episode.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Great atmosphere, tone, theme, story, etc. But can't relate to any of the gay scene... Not being judgemental but it's what it's.

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  • Waltz with Bashir

    Waltz with Bashir


    Tragic, haunting, sorrowful, undeniable. Waltz with Bashir is one of the truest movie I have ever seen. This is how cinema can do good for mankind. Pitty that just small amount of people see this.

    The most powerful movie I've ever seen after Apocalypse Now. The movie didn't even try to be awesome, it's the stories that are behind this movie that makes it so powerful.

    After experiencing this movie, I never wanna see Disney's again, ever. What a shame cinema nowadays only delivers movie just for the sake of entertainment and money.

    Max Ritcher is perfect for this movie. His score is powerful and tragic.

  • Vox Lux

    Vox Lux


    So many flaws in this movie, and the biggest of all is that this movie has no heart.

    That opening scene, is the only thing that I could've praised from this movie. I was off guard when something had happened in that first scene. Then the rest... I mean its painful to seat through all of those shit pop music. I mean I just cant. Especially with that ending, FUCK, boy did it ever hurt my ear. Too long and…