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  • Waffles


    Let’s start off with this. The beginning worried me. Mostly because when the lends got taken off a camera, and I was just thinking, what? But then the film really started. And it was great. 

    Honestly not what I was expecting at all. Mostly just expected a little silly comedy with a very simple premis, and it is. I loved how self aware this film is, and the ending is what got the most laughs out of me. 

    If you…

  • Vine Avenue

    Vine Avenue

    I’m hyped for RC Films next movie “Not-So Amazing” like honestly HYPE! 

    So I decided I’m going to watch all of the RC Films movies in anticipation. 

    So what did I think of “Vine Avenue”? Well it’s a really good short film. 

    Wall watching the movie I kinda got a Tarantino vibe from it. Wich is always fine by me. 

    The editing in this movie is honestly my favorite aspect of this movie, for a short film. 

    As well as…