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  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    Oddly inconsistent yet so brilliantly bizzare.

    The split reviews on this film had me very dubious about watching it however I absolutely ate this film up. There is so much I adored about the plot and the tone of the film. It’s clear that the film attempts to parody the spectrum of characters and narratives of those present in the prestigious art world. The characters feel at one point or another bigger than themselves, playing up to the cliches and…

  • Inside



    Finally a slasher that has disturbed me to my core but had me fixed to the screen.

    Inside is one of the only slashers that I’ve watched in recent memory that has truely frightened me. With such a simple plot, Inside excels at crafting a visceral plot with such intensity that I had palpitation throughout the film. 

    The body horror in this film, particularly in the last scene, had me squealing in pure discomfort and made me question my actual…

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  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Effortlessly slick and brilliantly polished.

    There is so much about this film that deserves praise. Firstly, Alicia Vikander is fantastic as Ava. For a role that could have been played generically stiff, Vikanda offers an intricate and intensely human depiction of artificial intelligence, perfectly straddling the line between robotic and natural. Her performance was powerful and in many parts, chilling. Additionally, Oscar Issac does a great job as tech genius, Nathan. His carefree attitude and intelligent wit offered up an…

  • Coherence



    Proving you don't need high-tech special effects for an effective Sci-Fi thriller.

    Although this film took me a while to get my head around, once you understand what the hell is going on, expect clever twists and unexpected revelations. Coherence really does force the viewer to think and pick up on subtle clues throughout the film to piece together. With the film's simple dinner party setting, there is an tense claustrophobic-like effect on the viewer, particularly when the characters are…