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  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    Oddly inconsistent yet so brilliantly bizzare.

    The split reviews on this film had me very dubious about watching it however I absolutely ate this film up. There is so much I adored about the plot and the tone of the film. It’s clear that the film attempts to parody the spectrum of characters and narratives of those present in the prestigious art world. The characters feel at one point or another bigger than themselves, playing up to the cliches and…

  • Inside



    Finally a slasher that has disturbed me to my core but had me fixed to the screen.

    Inside is one of the only slashers that I’ve watched in recent memory that has truely frightened me. With such a simple plot, Inside excels at crafting a visceral plot with such intensity that I had palpitation throughout the film. 

    The body horror in this film, particularly in the last scene, had me squealing in pure discomfort and made me question my actual…

  • Don't Go in the Woods

    Don't Go in the Woods

    A film with virtually no storyline that is both laughably bad and painful to watch. 

    88 Films: Slasher Classic collection #3

    Very little about this film is redeemable. Yes, like most low budget 80’s horror films there’s some charm to its awfully shoddy production but this film does very little right. The deaths scenes are so poorly shot that it’s often difficult to actually tell what is actually happening and when paired with a non existent plot, Don’t go into the woods has zero re-watchability.

  • Martyrs



    Possibly quite possibly the most nihilistic/bleak film I have ever seen and I loved every second of it. 

    I can hardly express how this film made me feel. As it ended I was in such a stunned silence and needed a good few hours to just digest everything.  From the beginning, this film assaults the viewer in such an unrelenting way and pretty much keeps to this tone throughout the film. So much of this film got under my skin…

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    Escape Room doesn’t reinvent the wheel but  it’s definitely a fun and tense watch. 

    There’s no denying that Escape Room feels like a watered down teen hybrid between Saw and Battle Royale, but that most definitely should not be a disincentive to go out and watch this film. Whilst the film lacks an original plot and horror elements (it most definitely feels like a mild thriller), there are some brilliant scenes and set pieces (the pool bar scene was so…

  • Glass



    The fact that Sarah Paulson is in Glass should be enough to convince you to go out and see this film. 

    Quite frankly, I never particularly cared for Unbreakable or Split but I felt obliged to at least see this conclusion in the trilogy. I went into the screening reading such polar reviews of Shyamalan’s most recent work. It’s these kind of reviews that only spur my need to see a film myself to make up my own judgement.


  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    Second time experiencing this film, however this time with a front row seat to a Q&A with Timothée Chalamet - I’m an emotional wreck all over again.

    Seeing Beautiful Boy for a second time was as much of a heart breaking experiencing as the first. This is such an important film to see and experience not only because of how powerful and emotionally charged the performances are but because the film’s message deserves to reach as many people as possible.…

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    A cabin in the woods film that triumphs against all others.

    Another classic horror film that I finally watched for the first time and absolutely loved. It was far gorier and explicit than I expected (the tree rape scene definitely caught me off guard) and whilst the effects sometimes seemed a little shoddy and excessive, overall it has stood the test of time phenomenally. In addition to this, there’s an unrelenting pace to the film where events unravel and continue…

  • The Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project


    Having watched this for the first time, I now completely understand why this film is a horror staple. 

    I’ve usually avoided found footage horror films due to the usual shaky and inconsistent filming which historically made me feel a little nauseous. However I felt it was time I bite the bullet and finally watch the infamous Blair Witch Project. The hype and notoriety of this film is unavoidable and whilst I’ve seen a number of parodies, I hoped these wouldn’t…

  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day


    Some standout sporting related deaths but seriously, what’s with all the singing?

    88 Films: Slasher Classic collection #1 

    Having recently started to collect the #88Films Slasher collection on Blu Ray, I thought I’d make may way through each film reviewing them in all their camp glory.  With the film’s ranging from the 70’s - 90’s, 88 Films have curated some real slasher gems, most of which I have never even seen/heard of before.

    Graduation Day tells the story of a…

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    Brilliantly claustrophobic and tense whilst highlighting that the only worthwhile weapon is a fire extinguisher. 

    Green Room brilliantly tells the tale of basic human survival. It masterfully explores such a simple plot in an effective and enclosed setting, making the tension and angst build throughout the film until it’s ready to explode. 

    I absolutely loved the self contained setting which pushed the characters to their limits where we see the human survival instinct take full effect. Along with this, the tone of the film feels realistically dark and it’s gritty setting offered up a wonderfully  raw film that feels far from glamourised.

  • Maniac



    Cleverly shot and brilliantly acted by Elijah Wood, but I found myself begging for even a fraction of a plot.

    I was initially skeptical about this film’s creative decision to have everything from the “maniac’s” point of view, but surprisingly it worked incredibly well. Having the audience witness the deaths from the killer’s perspective offered up a refreshing outlook and I really appreciated the clever stylistic decisions when Wood was talking to himself in the mirror, offering up the intimate…