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  • Oliver & Company

    Oliver & Company


    When I was 5, there was nothing cooler than a dog with sunglasses strutting through New York City singing a Billy Joel song.

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    This movie is okay.

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  • Cocktail



    I hereby refuse any and all cocktails not made for me by Tom Cruise behind the bar at a TGI Friday’s.

  • Wings



    The Oscars don’t always get it right, but the first Oscars got it right! (They also awarded the equally deserving Sunrise for “Artistic Picture.”) 

    The only silent film to ever win Best Picture (if you don’t count The Artist), this has great action sequences, strong acting, and fabulous cinematography. It also boasts the first male-male kiss and one of the first instances of nudity in movies, so hooray for milestones!