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  • Destroyer



    ReelBob: ‘Destroyer’ ★½
    By Bob Bloom
    “Destroyer” is an unappealing mess, distinguished only by a grubby and gritty performance by Nicole Kidman.
    But even her turn as detective Erin Bell leaves you cold. Bell is a burnt-out shell of a human being; she’s unkempt and disheveled and looks like she has been sleepless for a year or more.
    Early in her career, Bell was part of an undercover operation that went badly — and its consequences have been haunting her…

  • Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

    Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island


    This Republic's only 14-chapter serial, and is not very good.
    It contains too much padding and star Mala is not a good actor.
    Some of the cliffhangers are decent, but the serial features too much comic relief and repeated footage.

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  • Batman and Robin

    Batman and Robin

    A cheapie Sam Katzman serial produced for Columbia Pictures is embarrassing, considering how much better contemporary portrayals of Batman have become. The plot is childish, and the overall story lacks any class. The serial should be sent to a junk heap and forgotten.

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    ReelBob: ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ ★★★½
    By Bob Bloom
    At its core, Barry Jenkins’ adaptation of James Baldwin’s “If Beale Street Could Talk,” is a melancholy story about love and how it survives the direst of circumstances and obstacles.
    The movie, set in the 1970s, also is about the systematic racism of the law-enforcement and judicial establishments, which find it easier to incarcerate young black men rather than thoroughly investigate the guilt or innocence of their alleged crimes.