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    I logged this years ago and it was pretty lengthy. This movie's quite incredible. Doing an Adrian Lyne retrospective with a friend has been enlightening to me that this wasn't only Lyne's masterpiece, but a film that could only come from a master director. The craftsmanship on display here from everyone involved is so understated, it's mind-blowing when you realize just how strong a piece of cinema it is.

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    I know this may come off a bit random, and I never thought I'd do something like it myself, but I've decided to go through and do a second feature in 2019.

    A sequel. Pazuzu 2.

    Not setting dates for when it'll be up, but I'll update, of course. Stay tuned!

  • American Artificiality: The Videography of Lana Del Rey

    American Artificiality: The Videography of Lana Del Rey

    Well, well. Just in time for her upcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell (that cover art is glorious), this video essay I did on Lana Del Rey resurfaced!

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    This film is so beautifully made, and Andrew Garfield gives what I'm thinking may be his best performance thus far. Too bad the movie is hogwash pseudo-De Palma that takes from Lynch in a bid to do De Palma in reference to Hitchcock (and also lifting that homage) with some kind of cheeky and barebones allegory on the treatment of women in Hollywood films.

    Probably A24's most pandering film since Swiss Army Man, and a huge disappointment for myself in…

  • Cruising



    The labyrinthine nature of the themes is what won me over on this rewatch. I never felt it was a bad movie like its reputation suggested, but now that I've seen what interested Friedkin in a few of his other films, I can totally understand what he was doing here and, yes, it was a bit ahead of its time and, yes, it also subverts the slasher trope of that era before it really turned into an era of imitators.…

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    (Director's Cut)

    I love this film because its nonchalant about every bit of its subject matter. I like it because it follows a formula of Cabaret in that it’s the end of an era. (It was obviously inspired by Boogie Nights, this much cannot be denied.)

    I also love how it takes notes from the classic blueprint of “working class boy becomes personal savior in hedonism” that we’ve seen since Saturday Night Fever first blew up.

    I love it because…

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    (Rating for the Director's Cut, of course.)

    I've been rewatching a lot of late-90s stuff with a friend since - get this - it's been two decades since 1999. We've been having a blast, doing everything from this to Cruel Intentions to Wild Things to I Know What You Did Last Summer. It's been long enough, I think, to really think of those films that need a re-evaluation (not all those listed above do, to be frank) - and while…

  • Wild Things

    Wild Things


    To call Wild Things a guilty pleasure is to pretend that the movie isn’t in some way complicit.

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    Gore Verbinski was all like, "hey, you owe me a favor so let me do this horror movie inspired by those who cure depression with matcha."

    Seriously happy I rewatched this.

  • Burning



    Is the calmness of Burning disorienting? At times. We’re unsure if there’s even a cat when our protagonist is propositioned into taking care of it while the owner is gone. Just as uncertain is the legitimacy of his father’s actions and whether or not they were justified, yet the reaction to that event has now drawn the protagonist on a path that is destructive to his own legitimacy in terms of who he is - in place - within his…