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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame

    i enjoy a lot of things about this movie, but i especially enjoy:

    • paul rudd
    • any time the camera gets really close to paul rudd's face
    • the sadness of being awash in the grief of loss and the trauma of having failed those you love and hold dear
    • ass (no spoilers)
    • for real, paul rudd
    • other things, too

    didn't like:
    • stuff
    • who cares
    • the tagline for this movie is seriously "part of the journey is the end"? well that's a thudder

  • Aquaman



    fuck it... 5/5?


    *chef's kiss*

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  • Elle



    Demonlover 2, indeed. There was certainly a sense that Assayas owed to Verhoeven in terms of aesthetics and provocation — hentai and CGI porn essentially mimicking RoboCop's cuts to absurd commercials, or its frankness toward sexual taboo, among other things. This returns here via video game cutscenes, perhaps as a discreet reminder of the director we're dealing with — one who has been largely absent for more than 15 years, save for 2006's Black Book — cutting into a film…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A few years ago, my girlfriend (henceforth "G") and I lived in a pretty nice area close to downtown Portland, Oregon, and we got out a lot more. Because of jobs we found and because it was kind of expensive, we moved further out, and since then we've mostly been homebodies, going to work and coming home to watch movies and occasionally go out to a movie in the neighborhood or to see a band maybe a bit further into…