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  • Robots


    "You can shine no matter what your made of".

    You know what? Despite the memes, despite the jokes, despite the videos I still find hilarious I feel like I did need this film right now as it is. I haven't watched it in years and it was a solid childhood film of mine and now that I watch it now I'm really deeping all the political messages?? Oppression of the working class?? Commenting on the beauty industry and commercialism?? A…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread

    Music and beautiful visuals intoxicate and distract from a twisted romance. I'm sort of sad that I did get this partially spoiled for me last year but hearing it is nothing compared to seeing it. The score for this is so beautiful and dream like and maybe for a second you do truly believe that this is love that maybe this is what true love really is. Then you are reminded of the fact that these are two people grossly…

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