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  • Double Dynamite

    Double Dynamite


    Almost humorous movie with Frank Sinatra, Grouch Marx, and Jane Russell. As the movie starts, people are waiting outside a bank and the security guard closes the door in some people's face, and the camera pans in on "The Friendly Bank." That gave me hope that director Irving Cummings, whom I had never heard of, would show some flair in this film. Alas, the movie is pretty flat, and that's a shame when you have Jane Russell, who is not.…

  • The Scarlet Empress

    The Scarlet Empress


    Not as interesting as some other Sternberg-Dietrich collaborations, but it does have amazing set design with creepy figures and the use of light and shadow takes your breath away. Not exactly historically accurate but who cares when Marlene Dietrich is Catherine the Great?

  • A Day at the Races

    A Day at the Races


    A great Marx Brothers movie with a couple of my favorite bits from them. "Tutsy-fruitsy ice cream" and the scene where Groucho has the woman in his room and Chico and Harpo try to get her out.

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


    Pretty fun show, quite different from the TV series as I remember it, but the series starts after this point. Quite a few anachronisms. But in general the movie was all in fun, not to be taken too seriously.

  • Redbelt



    Not sure I quite understood what all was going on. I like it, but at the same time it took a long time to get going and wasn't very clear about where it was going. It does get stronger at the end.

  • Flame & Citron

    Flame & Citron


    Based on the true story of the Danish resistance fighters in World War II. It begins with Flame basically being a hit man for the resistance, killing Danes who sympathize with the Nazis. What a great way to be a hit man! It's all for a good cause. Citron drives him around. But then he gets into the killing too. Eventually they get into gray areas where the leader may be taking advantage of them and you never know who to trust. They start to target Germans, which brings stiffer retaliation, which begins a cycle of violence. The film is in Danish with subtitles.

  • I Married a Witch

    I Married a Witch


    Pretty funny story of a witch and her father who take on bodies after being burned at the stake 270 years earlier. She cursed the family of the man who had her burned, but then she falls for the descendant played by Fredric March. And my word, Veronica Lake is sexy.

  • White Heat

    White Heat


    One of the best gangster movies, I'd forgotten it started with a big set-piece train robbery! My youngest son (age 17) got a big kick out of how cold Cody Jarrett (James Cagney) was. I looked over and he had a big smile when Cody shot the guy in the trunk while munching on piece of fried chicken. Not that I'm worried my son would do that, we just like to see it on the screen.

    The story: After the…

  • Fast & Furious 6

    Fast & Furious 6


    Still slowly working through this set with my son (now age 22) so he came over last night with this. The pacing is pretty good with driving, fighting, driving, fighting, and a few story momentum pieces thrown in. Crazy over-the-top stuff happens, they get in horrendous fights, knees are kicked out, eyes are bloodied, backs land on windshields of moving cars, but then no one limps or flinches as they move later, bruises don't show, and cuts heal overnight. Of…

  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    What a great movie. It's been years since I've seen this. Bleak, dark, and a good demonstration of why people should communicate.

  • Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized the World

    Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized the World

    With a title like "Sound that revolutionized the world" I thought there would be some discussion of the development of the sound, what makes it popular, etc. No. This was the worst example of a talking head doc I've ever seen. No history, no context, they just went to a guitar convention and interviewed a bunch of electronics geeks about how they make pedals. Every once in a while they actually have someone play using a pedal under discussion. I…

  • Senna



    Saw this was going off Netflix so I thought I'd better get to it. I'm a fan of cars and racing, but I don't watch enough TV to really know much about Formula 1. I always enjoy it when I do run across it. I'm more into hot rods and drag racing. So, I wasn't aware of much more about Senna than his name and that he was pretty great. This documentary gave me a lot of background about him…