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  • Joe Bullet

    Joe Bullet


    Screened in 1973, the apartheid South African government locked up JOE BULLET for 40 years.

    It's a curious film for that reason alone. However, there is a certain amateurish charm that can't be ignored. The editing is bad, the dialogue stilted but Ken Gampu provides a solid screen presence as the titular hero. He's a cross between James Bond and Shaft.

    The movie has an abrupt ending but anytime you can drop a stunt dummy from a pretty good height is usually the peak of a film anyway.

  • Naked Vengeance

    Naked Vengeance


    Cirio Santiago has his masterpiece!

    From the theme song to the bloody revenge, NAKED VENGEANCE is a must- see for 80s revenge enthusiasts.

    FYI the town of Silver Lake is full of toxic masculinity from the likes of the local bartender, mechanic, butcher, and unfortunately, the town's only ice guy.

    Do yourself a favor and track down "Still Got a Love" by Michael Cruz, then play it about 27 times in a 90 minute span. You'll want to seek revenge too!

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  • The 13th Warrior

    The 13th Warrior


    Not sure what 1999 audiences didn't see in this film. Not sure what mainstream critics didn't see either. I thoroughly enjoyed THE 13th WARRIOR. Was the plot thin? Maybe. I mean, after we get "Please come to my village and help us against this menace", the movie is essentially a series of action scenes. But it all made sense to me.

    Great atmosphere, cinematography, special effects and a cast that was more than adequate. Production costs were through the roof…

  • Five Deadly Angels

    Five Deadly Angels


    Indonesian action movies. They fall somewhere between the grandeur of Bollywood and the high-octane violence of the Shaw Brothers, but yet not even coming close to either end of the spectrum. Case in point: FIVE DEADLY ANGELS, from director Danu Umbara. You remember Danu Umbara, right? ....hello?.........anyone?

    I set my expectation level to LOW for this one with the opening scene, where scientist Hardy explains to his fiancée (wife?), Yanti (one of our Five Deadly Angels), that he has just…