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  • Pride



    A generally lively and well-tailored partisan account of events which should indeed seem tailor-made for this age of tick-box social politics. However the risk of being warily en garde against faux diversity soon melts with the sheer joie de vivre and kinship of camaraderie on display. 

    Yes, much of it signposted and neatly plotted - and there’s perhaps too much packed in at nearly two hours covering all points from AIDS to flashes of proto-feminism - but for a mainstream…

  • The Naked Truth

    The Naked Truth


    The cynically prescient notion of trash magazines and their ‘celebrity’ exposes is easily this film’s trump card lending it a vaguely contemporary edge, or at least the seeds of something we’ve seen grow like bindweed since, with its early doors critique of trash-for-cash journalism (ahead of La Dolce Vita on this count).

    Unfortunately, like many of these films, the early promise of fanged teeth gives way to gingivitis in the second half with things settling down to gummy British postwar…

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  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry


    Pragmatism in excelsis; JDFI in practise. A film to reach out to for a periodic tonic, not just for the exhilarating thriller that it undoubtedly is, but for a fantasy manifestation of someone just getting things done in the face of everything. Harry Callaghan: everyday avenging Angel?Almost, but not quite.

    In a world where regulation piles upon regulation, a little reactionary kickback like this can calm material frustration, if not tame the bureaucratic beast from whence the rules spewed. Of…

  • Kes



    A remarkably achieved small tragedy, hued as in life with laughter and diversion, but at heart it’s the lack of opportunity amid systemic social failure that startles in its simple sadness. 

    The brutal wasteland of Billy’s young life - peopled by his neglectful Mother, brutish older brother and sundry bullying teacher - points to the generational waste created by a system, educational and social, that is structured by rote not individualism. If only, it says, Billy were given teaching more…