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  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    Great first act falls apart as Marvel's storytelling tendencey to milk an idea into a franchise and prevents a truly great Fantastic Four film. maybe the ideas are too big for a 100 min origin story.

  • The Secret Invasion

    The Secret Invasion


    After The Great Escape before The Dirty Dozen..

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  • Glass



    Glass is such an impressive mess of a juggling act all power to Shymalan for making this film. His latest, is an inverted superhero blockbuster that shares the same necessity (as the blockbusters) to reach its climax. Shyamalan, would rather keep his audience guessing than serve us sensationalism on a silver platter. The climax of this film should blow his fans away... What he does in the final act is so ambitious and nearly awkward that I am reminded of…

  • Torso



    Near perfect film. Pure formula. Pure giallo.