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  • Jarhead



    One would be hard-pressed to find  a year stacked with a better slate of male leading performances than 2015. Hoffman, Ledger, Daniels, Strathairn, Fiennes, Bana, Mortensen, Phoenix, Howard, and of course, Gyllenhaal. I’d say Jake was robbed of a nomination this year, but so were a half dozen other dudes. 

    While I could really do without Jamie Foxx’s character half the time, this film is lean, equally entertaining and sobering, and features some of the best and probably the most underrated work that Roger Deakins has ever done. I will continue to like it more than most people believe I should.

  • The Sandlot

    The Sandlot


    “Rated PG for language and some kids chewing tobacco”

    Enough said.

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    I’ve been wanting to rewatch this since seeing “Us”. This is by far the superior film, in structure, concept and obviously the social commentary. Not that everything Jordan Peele creates has to be a “message” film, but relevancy matters. 

    During this viewing, I’ve come to appreciate Daniel Kaluuya’s work. I really noticed his naturalistic approach as a standout in Sicario, but here he takes it to a whole new level. The “keys” confrontation is absolutely gripping thanks to the crescendo of his performance.

  • Godzilla




    Some of the effects, set pieces and sound design are soooo good in this film, they enable it up to the rating I’ve given it. But man does this film feel uneven. 

    Meanwhile Aaron Taylor Johnson cannot carry this film if his life depended on it, and it’s not just that the rest of the cast isn’t fleshed out (which they’re horrifically not), they just don’t matter. 

    Even in a creature feature, one’s characters must matter. If you don’t believe me, please turn your attention to Jurassic Park.