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  • Weekend


    An excruciating film that just found new ways to get under my skin every minute or so. I can see why this film has its fans and I get it (not really, but you guys do you). For me, it was an absolute chore to sit through. I thought it was semi-amusing for the first 45 minutes or so but by the time it crossed the hour mark, I almost completely checked out. Just not for me I guess.


  • Buddies



    I liked the main characters fine and their actors do a really good job, but they sadly can’t do much against the film’s awful presentation style and over-used narration that made me check out of the film well before the 30 minute mark.

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  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

    The Peanut Butter Falcon


    I’m almost tempted to give it a 4.5/5 but that little bit of tonal whiplash at the end of the film prevents me from doing so.

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    My month long span of watching all of the Tarantino films has reached its conclusion, and it definitely ended with one hell of a conclusion.

    Can’t wait to see his final work. Whether that be his Star Trek flick or something else, I’ll be there day one to witness the end of one hell of a career.