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  • Vapor Trail (Clark)
  • Cold Weather
  • MacGruber
  • The Other Guys
  • Pariah

American Cinema - New Directors

100 films

An exercise. Ask yourself: who are the best, most important directors who have debuted in the last 20 years around…

  • The Parrot and the Swan
  • Film Socialisme
  • Voices Through Time
  • Yi Yi
  • Maison Ikkoku: Through the Passing of the Seasons

Been Busy: Influences & Connections

13 films

These are some of the films that some way or another found their way into Been Busy, my 2nd movie.…

  • Nosotros los pobres
  • Salon Mexico
  • Dos tipos de cuidado
  • Sunday Evening
  • Claudine

2018: Discoveries

10 films

Older films seen for the first time. I didn't see many films, but I did watch my own film something…