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  • 37 Seconds

    37 Seconds

    A debut feature that doubles as a family drama and a story of disabilities and perceptions and reactions (some realistic, some not) in Japan, a country not generally known for embracing those with special needs. 

    The central performance, by Mei Kayama, an actress with cerebral palsy, is gutsy and endearing. Hikari as writer/director never shies away from showing her physical reality, including her relationship with sex and sexuality, a bit of a rarity. 

    The film veers from seeming to be…

  • Klute



    Jane Fonda is generally not my cup of tea, but she more than held her own in this thriller from Pakula. I’m not as well-versed as I should be in the genre of conspiracy thrillers, but I enjoyed the darkness and suspense. The taut pacing combined with a strong female performance worked well.  Oddly, Sutherland and Fonda had pretty lackluster chemistry, in spite of a steamy reputation.

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  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    I’ve many times wished I had kept the original poster for this movie that hung in my room as a child. I loved this movie then, but when Shape of Water came out, I couldn’t understand quotes from del Toro about the eroticism that pervades this film. Scenes like Kay swimming in unwitting parallel with the Creature seem so risqué, even perverse to me now for the era. Jack Arnold wrote for theme, not just sex. Look at the pan…

  • The Cleaners

    The Cleaners


    A timely and important documentary about the disturbing place Facebook occupies in our world. The Cleaners looks at Facebook through the lens of the secret content moderators the company outsources to in the Philippines, who each process 25,000 images per day. The film discusses the artistic, psychological, and political ramifications of their jobs and the strange policies that govern them. The filmmakers do an excellent job of distilling a complex topic into a comprehensible piece that any and every Facebook user should see.