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  • Nashville



    caught this at NYC Film Forum. this has a claim to being the best American movie. naughty and  empathetic and ambitious in every way you could ever want

  • The Birdcage

    The Birdcage


    this movie is a fascinating portal into an alternate universe where American screenwriters can actually write interesting minority characters

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    some quick thoughts, as i've got a paper to crank out..
    very very often, i see narrow-minded preferences between style and substance, with a sort of rigid criteria prioritizing perceived 'significance' over anything else. i tend not to point this out because the criticisms are often correctly applied. movies are often flash, and misapplied flash at that.

    not here. the style is the substance and the theme is pure motion. it's a $150-million movie where the sun doesn't shine, where…

  • American Sniper

    American Sniper


    Pretty explicitly does exactly what I was worrying about -- streamlines the events of Kyle's life so much that not only is he captured in a way bereft of psychological depth, but that his enemies are rendered in a simplistic, borderline Islamophobic way. I caught the film at AFI Fest and I knew the film to be a fucking tonal trainwreck when the audience applauded at a moment of deep regret for Kyle. Perhaps most unforgivably, it's damn-near absent of…