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  • mother!



    lol i went to this on a date and i’ll probably never see him again now i love movies

  • Birth



    There’s literally nothing funnier than when the title card says “May” and then it cuts to being the cloudiest fucking day

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  • American Woman

    American Woman


    I firmly believe I’m the only person on Earth who’s ever seen this movie.
    Sienna is good but this is all so, so forgettable. 

    Amy Madigan and Christina Hendricks deserve better. Aaron Paul deserves... no you know what he kind of deserves this.

  • Climax



    That the opening dance number tells you everything you need to know about all twenty characters makes it all the more powerful that the movie then spends the next 70 minutes ripping them apart. It’s A CHORUS LINE on LSD (literally) and the only thing these dancers hope they get is getting out alive. 

    The twink in the corset saying “fuck Selva, who is Selva?” about (a transcendent) Sofia Boutella is this movie’s “who is Adrienne Maloof in the world?”

    Huge POSSESSION teas when Sofia wails through the compound.

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  • Ma


    Once in a lifetime a movie comes along that defies rating, a movie that brings our culture together and reminds us what it means to be human. MA... is not that movie, but it certainly has the building blocks to have been. 

    First thing’s first: Octavia Spencer is phenomenal. Using the word elevated with horror is almost like saying nothing at this point, but suffice it to say that on levels of plot, emotional integrity and flat-out fun Octavia raises…

  • Rocketman



    Taron with a receding hairline is gay rights. Bryce Dallas Howard’s old age makeup is straight rights. 

    Thrilling set pieces for the musical numbers but the connective tissue is a little tough. Taron is a star. 

    I would happy to be the SAG member that got to blow Richard Madden.