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  • City of the Living Dead

    City of the Living Dead


    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but Fulci more that compensates with an impressive mood, score and his usual gore. Highlights include, a self inflating inflatable doll, a maggot sand storm, several brains getting squeezed out the back of peoples heads, guts out the mouth and poor old Bob getting a lathe through the skull. But I wouldn't quite call the amount of undead on display a city!

  • Destroyer



    Not a prequel to 'Godzilla vs Destroyah', as I was lead to believe, but a low key LA detective flick starring an aged Nicole Kidman.

    It's got a lot going for it, it's well acted, it's got a great score and it looks okay! However, the pacing was a bit off and it came across as an inferior Lynne Ramsey project. It was good, but didn't leave me fully satisfied!

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  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    There are some great shots, it's well directed and acted. The old home invasion trope is flipped up to create something new and the use of a blind guy really works to create heightened tension in certain scenes.

    However, after all the hype I was expecting something on par with Green Room or It Follows and sadly it didn't quite live up to either film. As nice as the opening shot was, I felt like it wasn't necessary and maybe gave too much away. I did still enjoy it and I'm looking forward to whatever Fede Alvarez does next.

  • Demons



    This film alone reinvigorated my love of 80s horror and it's still an absolute belter!

    I LOVE the score, the music, the cast, the film within a film, the bonkersness of it all, the gore, oh boy the gore is fantastic, the punks who just turn up, Tony, who channels his inner Mr T (he's actually even better in the second one though), the motorbike and sword combo, the helicopter and the ending, and everything else.

    To be honest 80s…