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  • Boyhood



    Beautiful movie about some life of some kid. The movie shows how sad and how beautiful the life can be.

  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    Why can't I watch this movie for the first time again? This movie is amazing!

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  • The Strangers

    The Strangers


    Hooptober 5.0.

    Anniversary Films 2/10

    I didn't expect to like The Strangers, but here we are. Although the end of this movie is known, I find it very exciting. The movie is smart, it plays with your expectation and the villiains are very mysterious thanks to the great camera angles.

    It is not the best movie in the world, but I was suprised how smart this movie was.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Sufjan Stevens music is beautiful it's even more beautiful in combination with Call Me By Your Name. So beautiful!