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  • Sling Blade

    Sling Blade


    A simple tale of redemption told with such careful intimacy. I remember viewing this film when I was younger and not really appreciating just how exceptional it is. Billy Bob Thornton (Who wrote and directed the film) gives the greatest performance of his career. He completely transforms himself into the character.

    The setting is probably the most realistic version of the poverty stricken South that I have seen. The dilapidated homes and overgrown yards reminds me so much of the places I grew up in.

    Sling Blade is a one of a kind film.

  • Unforgiven



    "We all have it coming, kid."

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Paul Thomas Anderson's finest achievement as a filmmaker; subtle, nuanced, brilliant. Anderson directs with such restraint and thoughtfully crafted scenes. The characters are easily his most complex. The relationship between Reynolds and Alma is one of some of the most interesting dynamics I've seen put to film. I cannot for the life of me wrap my brain around how impeccable this film is; if this is truly Daniel Day-Lewis's final screen performance then I have to say he ended it on a high note. This is filmmaking as it should be.

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    "I don’t like doing things with so many question marks everywhere."

    A staggering crime epic that has solidified filmmaker S. Craig Zahler as the most daring and exciting filmmaker working today.

    Being a HUGE fan of Zahler's two previous films I had been eagerly anticipating this and it exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable.

    With a run time of 159 minutes Zahler makes every second count. With the elongated run time, it allows for Zahler to carefully develop the…