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  • Working Girls

    Working Girls


    I thought the story of the girls collides at some point.

    This was just a boring 2 hours of flirting and I do get the female empowerment to it but it was kinda executed eh. I’m so sorry, Bernal.

  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    Alita has good visuals but lacks in story.

    The visuals and CGI look gorgeous and great!

    The story is lacking and I’m intrigued by the sequel!

  • Guava Island

    Guava Island


    Gambino’s magic!!

    I loved the scenes with the singing and the visuals are great!

  • Victim



    This was alright I guess. 

    The story felt stretched out.

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is better than Homecoming.

    The writing is improved and I must say that getting Jake Gyllenhaal is a GREAT CHOICE! I loved him and the twist on Mysterio is the fucking highlight of the film! Damn!

    But the story as a whole kinda felt eh after that after the twist was revealed in terms of having a more solid story but it was still a damn good time.

    I loved the two credit scenes!




  • Anima



    Well-directed and choreographed!

    The music and cinematography is SUPERB AF and the 15 minutes looked beautiful!

  • Cult of Chucky

    Cult of Chucky


    A bad Chucky movie but not as bad as Seed.

    This film is boring and SO SLOW!

    Chucky’s writing is so weird and written badly. The plot of the film centers in a mental institution and it could work but it didn’t.

    3 Chuckys felt corny and could’ve been handled better. Though this could’ve led to another sequel and surely sets it up, a reboot is needed.

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


    Finally rewatched this after a loooooong time.

    I love RDJ and Kilmer’s chemistry. I love the feel and tone of this film that makes you relax and watch it happen. Downey’s narration is so calm and the writing is quite good though some lines feels forced and iffy.

  • Curse of Chucky

    Curse of Chucky


    Moving forward for the new decade!

    The sixth entry to the Chucky franchise leaned towards the horror rather than the comedy which is great! But the film had a dragging first half and eventually the second half was kinda okay, I guess.

    The characters weren’t that likable either and the only thing that keeps me from watching is the kills and the callbacks to the previous films!

    The return of Andy! The appearance of Charles Lee Ray! These two aspects saved the film!

  • Seed of Chucky

    Seed of Chucky


    This is an atrocity!

    Don Mancini had TOO MUCH fun and this film’s major flaw is getting a good story on film and balancing the on screen presence of Chucky, Tiffany, and well.. Jennifer Tilly as herself.

    The addition of Glen is kinda eh and I don’t dislike the character and I also don’t like him.

    This film is the WORST of the franchise and every slasher franchise has that one or two films that are only watched for the sake of the marathon or sometimes skipped. Well.. it’s that.

  • Bride of Chucky

    Bride of Chucky


    Tiffany and Chucky sitting in a tree.

    Tiffany’s addition to the franchise is kinda eh at first but eventually I liked the idea of a former lover of Chucky being introduced. The first half showed full promises of a good Chucky film but eventually another underwhelming second half.

    The supposedly highway killing spree was just short and the ending was bad. Jesse and Jade were kinda okay but tbh they can be left out of this film and this could’ve been better.

  • Child's Play 3

    Child's Play 3


    Grown up Andy!

    The military school setting is really weird but I kinda liked it. The first half was pretty fun but eventually the second half was a drag and underwhelming. The rushed carnival ending was bad and the only thing that saved it is how Chucky died. Pretty gory and great!