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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    “I could be heard loudly complaining in the lobby afterwards that you've got two beige cats fighting in front of an oatmeal rock with some brown grass on the ground. Every aesthetic choice here has been made to tone down the material, making it less vivid, less expressive, less animated. Eventually they’re gonna run out of stuff to remake, right?” - WBUR’s The ARTery, 07/18/2019

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The Man Who Fell to Earth


    “Time passes quickly and without warning in The Man Who Fell To Earth. Roeg and screenwriter Paul Mayersberg elide entire years sometimes during a single scene, with the supporting cast drifting into old age within the space of an edit. The movie is far more interested in conjuring moods of mystery and melancholy than explicating a prosaic plot.” - WBUR’s The ARTery, 07/16/2019

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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    “Whenever Far From Home chills out for long enough to be an easygoing teen comedy, you’re tantalizingly teased with how much fun these Marvel movies can be when they cool it on the overbearing mythology and apocalyptic showdowns. There’s an incredibly charming high school romance here, but it’s buried under Iron Man 4.” - North Shore Movies, 07/03/2019

  • Shaft



    “What’s depressing is that a film so progressive half-a-century ago has been revived as an ass-backwards celebration of boorish, boomer intransigence. How could they do this to John Shaft? One of the coolest characters in movie history is now a reactionary old crank pissing and moaning about those damn millennials and their coconut water.” - North Shore Movies, 06/16/2019