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  • Superbad




    I saw a lot of people mention this movie in relation to Booksmart, so figured I'd check it out. I definitely prefer that film but still had a good time with Superbad. Guaranteed laughs whenever Hader and Rogen were around.

  • Good Omens

    Good Omens


    Finished the last two episodes today. A frustrating show because the premise of an angel and a demon being friends and trying to stop the apocalypse is great, but we spend so much time with a bunch of other characters who have roles to play, and they aren't anywhere near as fun.

    Some comments about specific episodes

    1: The best of the show, loved everything from God's opening narration to the excessive mixups

    3: Even though I no longer believe…

  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu

    Pokémon Detective Pikachu



    I can't really imagine not enjoying this. Like sure the script is mediocre and most of the acting is passable at best, but it was really refreshing to see a new cinematic world that's so realized. You can feel all the care that went into translating all these pokemon from their game sprites into something authentic.

    I'm mainly excited at all the possibilities I'm hoping they'll seize with this universe. We get little tastes of all these awesome genres that could be tackled featuring Pokemon, like a horror movie starring Ditto, a kaiju film, a gritty revenge thriller starring Cubone. Imagination is the only limit.

  • Godzilla



    Previously a 47, now a 73/100

    I had wanted to like this film last time so I figured I'd try again when the opportunity arose and I am glad that I did. Turns out being alone and watching it on a laptop screen with crappy pirated quality is the wrong way to watch this film. It still has the same problems but I just really enjoyed the bits that it gets right.

  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

    Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


    Film #25 of April 2019 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #22. Go to ANYONE that liked Movie #21 but DIDN'T give it a star rating and find another movie that they liked!

    Unrated version

    Johnny Cash is my favourite singer and his son said he would have liked this movie, so Walk Hard has been on my watchlist for a while. It's a solid absurd comedy, the laughs come regularly but nothing's mind-blowingly funny.

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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    Film #17 of April 2019 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #14. Go to the LAST LANGUAGE in Movie #13 and find another movie featuring that language!

    Kinda undermines the man vs nature narrative by making it about man vs man in the end, since the former had a lot more substance. Though maybe Glass is transformed into a force of nature or something, that was probably the intention. Could have been way better if it was a little more than "Ooh,…

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Ant-Man and the Wasp


    Film #16 of April 2019 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #7. Go to a STUDIO attached to Movie #6 and find another movie from that studio!


    A bit messy like the first one but certainly an improvement. The main characters are more fun to watch together, especially Paul Rudd, he really nails the affection for his daughter. Could be improved with better villains and less obnoxious technobabble.

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  • Justice League: War

    Justice League: War


    Film #10 of April 2019 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #20. Go to the FIRST LANGUAGE in Movie #19 and find another movie featuring that language!


    Serviceable enough. The most interesting thing here was that no one else even knew Batman was real. I spent most of the time wishing they had the proper voice actors, though Sean Astin made a good Captain Marvel.

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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    Relies heavily on being relateable and realistic, to the extent that I was just too aware of that throughout the film. Elsie Fisher is wonderful of course, I did feel especially happy when she started to feel wanted. But I'm just not quite feeling this one like everyone else apparently.


  • Batman: Year One

    Batman: Year One


    So that was a whole lot better than I remembered. I think it's cause I was a lot more narrow in my views of acceptable entertainment at the time. Probably the best action scenes of any of the DC animated films I've rewatched, they feel really fluid and lively despite being much more low stakes than the other films. I didn't read the original comic in preparation for this one and surprisingly had forgotten how much Nolan borrowed from it.…

  • Justice League: Doom

    Justice League: Doom


    Really enjoyable film exploring the vulnerability of heroes and how crazy Batman really is. I love that it's a glorified DCAU reunion, though honestly Phil Morris doesn't work as well with this type of design for Vandal Savage compared to Miguel Ferrer.


  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

    Green Lantern: Emerald Knights


    Easily the best Green Lantern film, (1 of 3 anyway), cause the anthology format allows it to fully invest into the premise of an intergalactic space police force. Rather than focusing on the sole human character we're pulled through a variety of crazy alien species and hardcore backstories. The last story is pretty weak because it's about wider comics lore that doesn't get paid off, but everything else is solid.