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  • Parasite



    South Korean auteur Bong Joon-Ho has left his usual scifi haunts for something more regular - though his usual thematic preoccupations of class and inequality are stronger than ever. Parasite uses the tonal mastery Bong has quietly developed and finds it unleashed at full force with a film that is wildly funny, tense, dark, poignant, moving, thought provoking, and enraging - all coherently so, more's the astonishment.

    It's hard to get into what makes the film so great without giving…

  • Godzilla



    Part of the Godzilla Ranking Project.

    Over 50 years later and still holds up like a sonofabitch. Terrifying, awe inspiring, gut wrenching, haunting. I mean, holy shit, the mother holding her three kids as Godzilla closes in close by telling not to worry, they'll be with their dad soon. The palpable fear. The terror of Godzilla AND the atom bomb. The evacuation scenes.


    That theme music.

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  • On the Wrong Track

    On the Wrong Track


    Andy Lau learns the difference between playing at being a gangster, rebel, and an outcast and actually being them - showcasing the talent that would make him a star in this, his first feature lead.

    Playing the elder brother of two teens who have The Worst Dad (he really is the worst), Lau starts out a pretty good if average dude with nice hopes and dreams but it all slowly spirals out of control and hope as the grim realities…

  • Dragonball Evolution

    Dragonball Evolution


    The things you do for Chow Yun-Fat in a Hawaiian shirt. 

    Not really even bad in a fun way. It’s a bad movie generally and a terrible Dragonball movie. Somehow manages to basically flub what makes the source material work - with a healthy dose of hilariously bad white washing thrown into the mix. Adaptation by its nature means that some changes must be made and the idea of a modern day Dragonball movie I don’t think is inherently bad…

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  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    It would be quite possible to talk a lot as to why this film fails to meet the heights of its predecessor but I think we can narrow it down to a few:

    - This is the mythology heavy portion of the story and the inherent stripping away of the mystery lessens the film somewhat. Props to keeping the weirdness but also...

    - The decision to make the journey internal for the adults (making it all about Pennywise and them…

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    Look when global warming destroys all beautiful wild life on this earth at least Disney will be able to recreate it for us digitally using the technology perfected here. 

    Donald Glover and Rogan were good. Uh, I liked that the score got a bit of omph in the orchestra. 

    You know how in the original (sigh) Mufasa says to Scar “Scar, brother, help me!” ? Well they get rid of him saying Brother. Why!? That one word infers so much…