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  • Creepshow




    A self-fulfilling comic-book horror show, obsessed with its own outrageous versions of one truthful theme: everyone can and will be fucked over, regardless if they deserve it or not. Some variations are more entertaining, or more gruesome, than others, but Creepshow's singular flow is rooted in the embrace of the form that it's adapting and the translation of its particularities. The restoration from Scream Factory is excellent.

  • Sweetie




    Cut to: the shadow of seat-belts along the ceiling of a car. Feet intertwining. Blood dripping to the side of the mouth. A Jane Campion comic tragedy, writhing with frustration.

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody



    "How many times do we need to teach you this lesson, old man?"

    Abominable. Chickenshit exploitation of queerness and public persona, in addition to being formally inept. Every single element of this movie is subpar, lacking in nuance and a solid foundation of existence. All of the reaction shots are gold - everyone is lost: in geography, character motivation, respect of authenticity or even some semblance of cinematic coherence. Nothing is even remotely aware of its functionality. The film…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2



    Setting: Marvel Board Meeting

    Kevin: "And then I said, we already put in 3 end-credits scenes, how about 2 more?!?"

    *eruptive laughter*

    Marvel Exec #2: "You're such a card, Kevin."

    Kevin: "These movies don't make themselves!"

    Marvel Exec #3: "Well I mean they kinda do. That's why we installed that conveyer belt in northern Idaho and everything."

    Kevin: "You got me there!"

    *Meeting Room door opens*

    Kevin: "Well look who it is, our crazy director intern, come in James."…