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  • My Dinner With Alan

    My Dinner With Alan


    This really boils down to how much you respond to Matt and Alan's personalities and rapport. So I hated it, duh.

  • The Bouncer

    The Bouncer


    My dream combo of over-serious hardboiled pulp styles: 80% woozy night club neo-noir, 20% manically high-energy beat-em-up. Also: JCVD flexes his Acting muscles! Not easy; he could easily get swallowed up by this role, since it's mostly body language & reaction shots. But he don't!

    This is so far in my wheelhouse it hurts; trying to land on a star rating. My head says 3.5, but my heart says 4.

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  • The Void

    The Void


    As if Lucio Fulci had made The Thing. No, wait: as if Lucio Fulci's biggest fan had made The Thing. No, no, as if Lucio Fulci's biggest fan cross-bred The Thing with Night of the Living Dead. No wait it's Hellraiser and Lovecraft and oh god there's just so many unsynthesized influences here good god no waiiiiiit... More soon at

  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    Dear Matt:

    I read your review of "The Hateful Eight" after watching the film last night. I agree with many of your arguments, but only a few of your conclusions. You say that you found the film's nihilistic perspective to be troubling, and concluded that Tarantino, as a political filmmaker, has lost your good faith. You add that the sadistic quality to the film's violence, especially against women, but also during the "big black pecker" speech, bothered you. And that…