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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    Hot take: The original Lion King isn't one of the best movies ever made.

    Dramatically less hot take: This one, however, is pretty damn bad.

    To be perfectly honest, I haven't watched the original in several years, so that first sentiment could just be my edgy 15-year old self talking, but I remember enough to know that this remake (or whatever) adds practically nothing, and instead takes everything.

    If I had to boil the problem with this movie down to…

  • Jaws



    Jaws features AT LEAST 3 of the top 5 jump-scares in movie history, and I honestly think we should stop trying to beat that.

    Even though the right thing doesn't always feel or seem right at first, we're all seeking justice deep down, no matter how we choose to act on it. It's the greatest adventure ever put to screen, and will always be one of the greats in general. Looks even better compared to the sequels.

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  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables


    From a plot perspective, it's basically a lawmen-on-a-mission story in a period setting, but it feels so goddamn heavy and exciting that I couldn't help loving every second of it. Whether or not it's all true (and I understand that a lot of it isn't), it legitimately feels like the prosperity of millions is at stake, and seeing the lengths and pains taken by the titular squad to do what's right at any cost is a rewarding delight. My only regret is that I didn't see this years ago, because I can tell I'll be coming back to this one for a long time.

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    50% of Ready or Not is an unusual (and welcomed) exclamation of rage towards the richest of the rich, and all of the callous trifles they choose to spend their time with. The widespread sense of repulsion experienced by Grace, our charismatic and effective protagonist, is a feeling we share as viewers, and it's made all the more potent when she's the only character wondering what the hell is going on.

    An entire family is arming themselves with deadly weapons…

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  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    I gave this movie a 4.5 the last time I saw it.

    What the hell was I thinking?

    It never ceases to amaze me how this movie is so great and was made for so little. I also can't believe this is only my 4th favorite Tarantino movie.

  • Arrival



    Within 8 seconds, I was in love again. I think this is the only movie, other than Pulp Fiction, that I've watched twice within two months.