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  • Bad Moms

    Bad Moms

    A timeless classic, really depicts the everyday struggle of motherhood more than ANY other film, the cinematography is BEAUTIFUL with the lighting and saturation in every daytime shot looking like a nuclear bomb has just hit round the corner. Extremely quotable but in the wrong ways and also many life lessons are taught, for instance apparently fat Jewish men are far inferior to Latin American men and uncircumcised men are disgusting, really depicts the everyday struggle of motherhood.

  • Climax



    Utterly horrifying, there goes my plans of kicking it on acid

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  • Us



    The performances were brilliant all the way through and the same can be said about the cinematography. The 1st half was definitely the best with some great scenes that were actually scary. 
    However too much was left to interpretation with narrative so there are no real guidelines on what the message could be and it just looks messy with exposition being shoved down you’re throat ham-fistedly on the inner workings of the world Peele has created (except it doesn’t make…

  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    For saying I’ve got an exam on this film tomorrow and I’ve only just watched it through fully for the first time, I enjoyed it