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  • The Moon Is a Green Cheese

    The Moon Is a Green Cheese


    march around the world 2019 (<100 views) | country #13 (sweden)

    a whimsical childhood summertime phantasmagoria of psychedelic color splashes. cozy watch when in the mood for something outside the box.

    "a film for big children and small adults" as mai zetterling herself put it.

  • Accumulator 1

    Accumulator 1


    march around the world 2019 (<100 views) | country #12 (czech republic)

    weird czech sci-fi with an funny premise and some original ideas. feels (a bit ironically) like a made-for-television movie injected with some extra creative visual work. kind of shitty portrayal of women.

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  • Bullets Don't Come Back

    Bullets Don't Come Back


    march around the world 2019 (<100 views) | country #1 (greece)

    march is here, let's inaugurate this month of watching stuff from across the world!

    this is a greco-western about an unfortunate carpenter being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the adventurous events that subsequently unfold.

    ingredients: tough men, manhunts across the rugged landscape of the greek countryside, shootouts, fist fights and some tender moments. all accompanied by a satisfying spaghettian score.

    the story is engaging and matches any westerns i've seen. this one deserves recognition. go watch it!

  • Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! Mr Chicken

    Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! Mr Chicken


    march around the world 2019 (<100 views) | country #2 (niger)

    three poultry salesmen with an equally idiosyncratic car go looking for chicken across the nigerien bush, where they happen upon all sorts of obstacles.

    a funny, warm and loving depiction by jean rouch, who wanted to show people on the fringe of society, "those who see the economic absurdity of the system".

    the handheld camera work and improvised style makes this feel like a documentary with a fictional twist. the colors are saturated and vibrant and beautiful!

    go watch it on youtube!