Paths of Glory

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Kubrick showing how the human being is opportunistic and arrogant in all his attitudes, nor that he has to resort to drastic measures to achieve his goals, however sordid they appear in the eyes of the viewer. Highlights for court scenes, where we can observe each character's personality sharply, whether or not they empathize with those people who seem to disagree on their ideals and thoughts, even though they are on the same flag. The spectator can feel all the anguish and despair of those who are delivered to their own destiny in a war, that is, death. Kubrick analyzes all angles of the camera well to pass on the due sensations to the viewer. The ending was exciting, at that moment everyone was the same in that place, there was no difference of any kind, the song sung sweetly was like a bullet, penetrating those men so hardened and stunned by war, a timeless portrait of human feelings.