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  • Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

    Bluebeard's Eighth Wife


    What a wonderfully funny comedy! Colbert and Cooper (especially Cooper) give everything to their performances, Colbert never even thinks of being a weak woman, while Cooper's manly mannerisms constantly fail. All the men here are fools. The dialogue is brilliant, the timing excellent, the humor absurd but never silly. This was a lot of clever fun.

  • Two Flags West

    Two Flags West


    If it wasn't for the good cinematography by Leon Shamroy and solid acting by Joseph Cotten and Linda Darnell, this would be a waste of time. Sure, it seems based on a lot of facts and incorporates many historical details. But it uses Native Americans as nothing more than a plot device so that the Northern and Southern soldiers have something to fight against. Which doesn't really matter because the movie has a hard time not taken the Southern point…

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  • The Stranger

    The Stranger


    Certainly a more unknown Orson Welles film (to be fair, most of his movies are not really well known), this is often very suspenseful, with Welles himself playing one of the major roles perfectly while Edward G. Robinson does his thing. Not a stylistic masterpiece, the movie is still full of interesting angles, moves, shadows, reflections, etc.

  • Night People

    Night People


    Using an interesting time and location, the movie doesn't really do much with it, instead just giving us one long, long dialogue scene with not much camera movement after another.